Mascots and team names/logos have been under scrutiny for sometime now. Recently, the Washington Redskins name was retired, and the Cleveland Indians are next as the team is committed to retiring the name after the 2021 season. The latest hits very close to home.

The city of Camanche, Iowa, which town was founded by a man from New York is named the city in honor of the Comanche Native American tribe back in 1836, according to the official city website. Oddly, they actually misspelled the tribe's name. But the intent was to honor, not offend.

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Fast forward to 2021, and the Camanche School Board has voted to retire the school’s 'Indians' mascot at the end of the current school year. The school board vote was 5-1. Radio Iowa reports the deadline for suggesting new mascot names for Camanche is this Wednesday. The goal for the district is to have a new mascot in place when school starts up again this fall.

Camanche Mascot

The committee to create a new logo is made up of current students, teachers, coaches and staff. It also includes community members and school alumni. They for the first time last week to start the process. The school colors will remain blue and white.

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