On January 11 of this year, Iowa State Senator Jake Chapman claimed that educators in the Hawkeye State have a 'sinister agenda.' He added that "teachers are 'normalizing sexually deviant behavior against our children' like pedophilia and incest, according to KWWL.

As reported by APNews, "Chapman has earlier called for jailing educators who provide what he considers obscene material to children, and he supports banning some books from schools. There has been a move in Iowa and across the country to increase control over what books are available to children."

I mean, I can understand not providing certain books to children until a certain age, but referring to educators as sinister is just heinous, self-righteous, and completely ignorant. To put it simply, it pissed me off.

Iowa State Education Association President Mike Beranek responded with the following message:

In response to the 'sinister agenda,' House Republicans have introduced a bill that "would place cameras in every public school classroom with the exception of physical and special education rooms," per APNews. It was introduced by Rep. Norlin Mommsen of DeWitt.

According to his bill, "The cameras would be connected to the internet, and parents and guardians would have access to a live feed to watch what is happening in their child’s classroom during normal attendance hours."

I wonder if Mr. Mommsen has ever read the book 1984, or if the Republican party truly adheres to its claims that those on the Left are the ones that want to institute Orwellian legislation. Conservatives claim to be the party of freedom (this being the reason I tend to lean right politically): they believe they are the antithesis to the left and are inherently more Patriotic.

The institution of cameras in the classroom and the removal of books does NOT promote freedom in any way, shape, or form. It doesn't promote integrity from educators. It doesn't promote higher education.

It promotes fear. Fear is what dictators use to kill democracy.

APNews continues: "In this bill, there would also be punishment for staff, teachers, or administrators who fail to comply with having cameras in the classroom. If a classroom camera is intentionally obstructed, disconnected or the online site where the feed is streamed is purposefully disrupted, that perpetrator would be found guilty of non-compliance.

A first-time offender would receive a written reprimand. A second offense is punishable by a fine equal to 1% of the employee’s weekly salary. A third or subsequent offense is punishable by a fine equal to 5% of the employee’s weekly salary."

But, don't fret! In a school system that already lacks funds and doesn't pay its educators enough, the money for the surveillance will come out of each school district's education budget!

This is disgusting, and the Iowa GOP should be ashamed of itself.

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