Don't judge me for this, but I've never had mac and cheese before!

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I know! You're probably thinking,

"Kerri, what's wrong with your childhood? Who hurt you so badly that you've never actually had macaroni and cheese?"

My answer to that question I've hurt myself for being so picky!

I was always a picky eater as a kid. To a point where it became one of my main personality traits growing up and the ONE thing everyone remembered about me. I even recall going to a restaurant back home in Pennsylvania a year or two ago. The waitress was a close family friend and when I ordered something that made her raise her eyebrows at me.

It wasn't even that exotic! It was surf and turf!

"You're sure you want that?

Yes, please give me the gosh darned lobster tail and steak already! 

So, while it's no surprise to people that I've recently started trying more adventurous things (they are exotic in my mind, okay?) I seem to stop people dead in their tracks when I tell them I've never had mac and cheese.

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

That all changed over the weekend! I went to my very first Friends-giving. A friend of mine let me know she was making mac and cheese as her contribution. I knew she would put a whole lot of effort into making the *perfect* cheesy dish, so I told her days before that I would try it.

Did she feel the pressure to not ruin mac & cheese for me? Yeah, she made it pretty clear. The stakes were high!

So, when it came time to finally dig in, it turned out that I liked it! The texture threw me off for a hot second (not a commentary on her cooking but the mac & cheese as a dish). BUT after trying a few bites, I actually enjoyed it!

8/10 will be eating mac & cheese again!

You can watch the emotional rollercoaster down below!

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