We take another adventure into this moron's life and you guessed it! I'm the subject matter of this story.

This past weekend my fiancé and I had a wedding shower up in St. Paul, Minnesota. We both have a lot of friends and family members in and around that area, so we decided it would be the best/easiest place for everyone to meet up.

We had a fantastic turnout and there were plenty of friends and family members who attended to celebrate our wedding, which is quickly approaching. There is only 1 problem I have with the entire thing…I literally cannot show any pictures from it.

I’m not, not showing you a bunch of pictures because I’m some super private guy or anything like that. Kori and I simply didn’t think to take a single picture from either of our phones. If you added up the photos we both have on our phones, it would equal zero.

If you’ve never been to a wedding shower, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. They are basically a gathering to celebrate the occasion, share gifts from the registry, and hang out. There’s not a lot to them. What there normally is a lot of is...pictures.

The person/people everyone has gathered to celebrate takes, what feels like, a million pictures, and that's what we did. There were likely over 100 photos taken from that day and Kori and I don't have a single one.

We did something a little bit different and we took pictures using a Polaroid camera. We saved all of those pictures and they are in a photo album for us to have. The only problem is, it's pretty dang hard to share any of those with you. It was a fun unique thing for us to do but we can't really share them with anyone, which is kind of special in its own way.

It doesn't bother me a ton but it would've been nice to share at least a few pictures with you if you're reading this. Kori looked amazing and I...well, I was just around. Here is the one picture we have uploaded on social media.


How 1970s does that look? Pretty cool if you ask me.

I want to give a big shoutout to Kori's uncle Dan, who hand-painted the sign we're standing next to and let us take home to keep. What a sweet gift!

When our big wedding day shows up in late September, Kori and I have both vowed to make sure and snag at least a few pictures to share with our friends and family who can't make it to our wedding. Before the event started we both said to each other "Let's make sure we get some pictures on our phones so we can share a few."

Welp, that didn't happen. We were both too busy socializing and interacting with people to remember but come wedding time, we're snagging at least a couple.

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