The Moron in this story is...Me! I'm the Iowa moron who brought dish soap to a Friendsgiving instead of food to share. Before you crucify me and call me a bad friend, hear me out.

This past weekend I was invited to a Friendsgiving which ended up being a lot of fun. Most party invites from the midwest read something like this "hey, we're having a get-together Saturday, you don't need to bring any food but you might want to bring your own beer."

Almost every invite you get to a dinner party will have something mentioning don't worry about the food, which we all know really means you should bring something small to share. I on the other hand did exactly that and did not worry about bringing more food. I brought plenty of Busch lights and soap to do the dishes.

If I'm being honest with you, I'm not great at cooking. My fiance thinks everything I make is pretty bland and she's probably right. I'm pretty solid on the grill and I'm fantastic at heating up a frozen pizza but just about anything you'd likely find around a Thanksgiving table isn't in my cooking repertoire.

So what do I like to do, instead of insisting people try my homemade (store-bought) green bean casserole, I like to do all of the dishes so the host doesn't have to.

Growing up I hated having to do the dishes after a big meal. There are all kinds of pots and pans full of crusty food on them and they take forever to clean. I was always so happy when our family holidays were held somewhere other than our house because that meant I wasn't cleaning our 50-year-old fine china by hand.

Instead of bringing food to Friendsgivings, I've started to simply show up with beers to share and a bottle of dish soap. After everyone is done eating I'll start washing away at whatever dishes are available so the host doesn't have to. Anytime I've had a group of people at my house, I'd much rather them help me clean up afterward, instead of bringing the 4th bag of Doritos and another veggie tray.

The clean-up is the worst part and it's usually when you're tired and full of food, so I've always believed no one should have to do that alone. Especially if they've been slaving away in a kitchen all day.

Am I the worst friend ever for not bringing a food dish to the Friendsgiving party? Probably. At least the host of our get-together had a pretty clean kitchen at the end of the night.

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