Change of plans for the Iowa Hawkeyes, it's been announced they will not play against the Michigan State Spartans. The game scheduled for Thursday January 14 has been officially canceled due to Covid-19. No word yet on a reschedule date.

On Wednesday morning Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo announced two positive tests on the Spartans side. Later, Iowa's News Now reports that a release was sent out that said there was “an additional positive test on Wednesday afternoon."

A statement from the University of Iowa says the game was postponed "out of an abundance of caution" in an effort mitigate any further spread from this outbreak.

2021 could be the year the Hawkeyes win it all. They've got all the right stuff: the skills, the chemistry, the drive and determination. But they're only human and 2020 proved that the Covid virus could flatten anyone, anytime. In spite of the challenges that have knocked out other teams, the Hawkeyes remain healthy and relatively injury-free.

There has been no word on when the game will be rescheduled. The big guys at the Big Ten will have to convene to figure out when the two teams can hope to meet again.

Instead, Iowa takes an extra few days break and then travels to battle Northwestern on Sunday.

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