Iowa is home to a new eating champion! You might be familiar with the popular Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest that's held during the summer each year. Joey Chesnut was the overwhelming favorite in that competition, as he scarfed down 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes, defending his hot dog-eating title for the 8th straight year. Does the state of Iowa have its very own Joey Chesnut in the making?

The popular hot dog eating contest is held on Independence Day in New York each year but if you traveled to the southeastern part of the country on July 4th, you could've witnessed a different type of eating competition. This contest was held in the state of Florida and it involved eating pie.

Joshua Mogle is 38 years old and is from Altoona, Iowa. His normal day job is as a tire manufacturing manager, according to KSWB. Joshua might have to change his job title to "Professional Key Lime Pie Eater."

These eating contests have always been a bit tough for me to watch. I immediately start to feel full anytime I catch a highlight of some eating contest and this one is no different. This contest was part of Florida's Key Lime Pie festival and it surely didn't disappoint any of the spectators. Contestants of this Florida Keys Key Lime Pie Eating contest had to scarf down a key lime pie as fast as they could, without using their hands or any utensils.

Joshua took down a 9-inch Key Lime Pie, smothered in whipped cream, in 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Not being able to use your hands surely leaves every contestant covered in pie ingredients. How can these contestants even see what they're eating?

After completing his pie, Josh talked about his strategy which was "don't breathe and just constantly keep eating." If breathing is the sacrifice you have to make during an eating contest...I'll probably never become an eating champion.


Congratulations to Joshua! He is your official 2023, Florida Keys, Key Lime Pie eating champion. After watching this video I'll probably never eat any kind of pie again...

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Photos: Old Man River Brewery; McGregor, Iowa

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