Are there any Hooters restaurants in Iowa? If you're unfamiliar with Hooters, you might live under a rock...but it's a sports bar and grill known for its wings. That's it! Just the wings, beer, and sports. Alright, fine. Hooters is also known for its waitresses. Did you know Hooters waitresses have fairly strict "rules" they need to comply with?

Hooters Waitress Rules

According to Eat This - Not That, these are 8 rules that Hooters waitresses must follow

  • 1 - Hooters girls cannot change their hair color. Women with natural hair are the only ones considered for a position
  • 2 - Hooters girls must have their hair styled. Servers are expected to have their hair done for every shift.
  • 3 - Hooters girls must limit the amount of jewelry. Servers can wear stud earrings and 1 ring. They are not allowed to wear any type of necklace.
  • 4 - Hooters girls could be fired for gaining weight. If you become pregnant, they will give you a special uniform to wear
  • 5 - Hooters girls are not permitted to wear their uniform outside of the restaurant. Servers can't wear the uniform walking into the building or exiting the building, and it can't be worn as a Halloween costume.
  • 6 - Hooters girls must strike a delicate balance with makeup. Makeup is not optional and servers must come to work "photoshoot ready."
  • 7 - Hooters girls can not have visible tattoos. Servers can either cover them with clothing or cover them with makeup if they are in a visible location.
  • 8 - They can't touch the customers. Obviously, customers can not touch the servers but this goes both ways. Everyone at Hooters is required to keep their hands to themselves

Hooters History

The first Hooters restaurant was created in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, according to Hooters. As a side note, Florida being the home of Hooters is the least surprising news of all time. Of course, this restaurant began in Florida.

The business began with six businessmen, who happened to have no restaurant experience at all. They simply wanted to open a restaurant that they couldn't get kicked out of. More than 4 decades later, Hooters has become an international business with more than 420 Hooters in 29 countries.

How Many Hooters Restaurants Are In Iowa?

There are currently two Hooters locations in the state of Iowa. Before finding out their locations, I would've surely guessed Des Moines would have one of these restaurants and maybe Iowa City. It turns out that Iowa's capital city and the home of the University of Iowa are not the locations for either of these restaurants. The two locations also happened to be on opposite sides of the southern half of the state.

Council Bluffs

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the southwestern corner of Iowa, there is a Hooters located in Council Bluffs at 2910, 23rd Avenue.


Google Maps
Google Maps

The other Hooters location is at 11- E. Kimberly Rd in Davenport, Iowa.

Have you ever been to a Hooters restaurant before? A friend of mine in college stayed at school during the Holiday season and there was one Christmas Eve when the only restaurant close, that was open, was Hooters. So we took a Lyft to the restaurant, ate some wings, and watched college basketball for a few hours. I know the joke is "I go to Hooters for the wings" but in all seriousness, the wings were really good at that location.

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