The NFL draft has officially come and gone as young football players across the country are ready to live out their dreams. These football stars have new homes, new teammates, and brand-new jobs. We tend to forget about it as fans but football is now these football players' way of making a living. Playing a game they love is how they will help feed their family and it's an incredible situation for each of these players to do be in.

Every player drafted hopes to not only make the team this fall but become a star player. They all want to be able to contribute and go on to be the best players that they can possibly be. For one former Hawkeye, who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers, his family is getting a lot more attention on the internet than he'd probably want.

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Lukas Van Ness was the 13th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Obviously, this was a lifetime achievement for him and I'm sure he was ecstatic to finally have made it to the NFL. A lot of times when players are waiting to be drafted into the NFL, they'll enjoy the experience with friends and family.

Being able to take in that moment with the people who have helped you get there is a big deal for a lot of these players. Sometimes...parents might forget they're on national tv as Lukas's dad did.

The internet was pretty shocked as they watched Lukas' dad pat his girlfriend on the behind after celebrating the fact that his son was just drafted into the NFL. Not once, which is strange enough...but twice.


What exactly was his dad thinking? Do you think this is widely inappropriate like the internet claims that is it? I'll be honest, I wouldn't want my dad giving my fiance a double butt tap in any situation, much less on national TV. At the same time, it could've been some kind of accident.

In sports you see athletes tapping each other on the butt all the time. Coaches do it, the players do it, and it's a pretty common thing in the world of sports. I'm curious if Lukas's dad is just an athlete and this is how he reacts to good things happening. Maybe he wasn't even trying to touch her in that spot and just missed patting her on the back.

Either way, this is the last thing I'd want to be dealing with if I was Lukas or in Lukas's family. What a strange thing to do in that situation.

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