One of the most hot button issues in modern day politics came to a head in Iowa today. Governor Kim Reynolds set a firm precedent on the Hawkeye State's position on gun control. Friday afternoon the Governor signed a bill into law, making it legal for Iowans to carry pistols and revolvers without a permit. In addition, it eliminates background checks for private person to person sales.

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House File 756, the bill that some of Iowa's Democratic lawmakers found to be "controversial" has officially been made into a law by Reynolds. In this piece of legislation, the parameters for pistol and revolver ownership are set up. While it is not a requirement to be in possession of a state permit; the acquisition of these permits are now only voluntary. In HF 756 it is required that those wishing to own these sort of weapons must have the proper identification. It reads,

"In order to acquire a pistol or revolver from a federally licensed firearms dealer, an unlicensed person is required to have a valid permit to acquire or a valid permit to carry weapons issued in accordance with this chapter... must complete a satisfactory national instant criminal background check..."

All but a few of the Democratic lawmakers were opposed to this. Iowa Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls was vocal of his disapproval of the Governor's decision.

As reported in Radio Iowa, many of the opposition argue that this bill will end up creating a sort of loophole on gun sales due to permits now being voluntary.  Almost twenty other states have a similar law on the books. 

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