Iowa's Governor Kim Reynolds has made it abundantly clear that she is pro-life. As she told the Des Moines Register in early May regarding her claim that ''going to do everything I can to protect the unborn,'

I'm proud of my record in doing just that and will continue to do everything I can to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

She's commented on the issue on her Twitter page as well:

That'd be why some Iowans may come away confused from this article.

In speaking with KCCI, she told the news station that "she is supporting easy access to birth control and family planning services," and that she says there is much to be done for Iowans in regards to family support programs.

She added this:

We've done a lot and we continue to do a lot. The MOMs act that I signed into law this year will continue to help moms and individuals with health care, education, just a support network.

The Iowa Torch describes the MOMs act as such:

"The program can provide and support services to pregnant women such as nutritional services and education, housing, education, employment assistance, child care assistance, parenting education, postnatal support services, material items needed for newborn infants, health care coverage information, medical referrals, counseling, mentoring, and adoption education."

Her opponent in the coming November election, Democrat Deidre DeJear believes this isn't enough. Here's what she told the news station:

I don't think that any of those decisions that are being made right now are adequate enough to truly have a long-term agenda, which is what we really need in this state.

Women in Iowa can receive abortions up to 20 weeks into the pregnancy. After that point in time, the mother must be in a scenario in which her life is in danger.

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