I've written this phrase in sports-related articles before and we're bringing it back for this one. "More times than not, when you become the first person to do something in sports, it's pretty impressive." Well, this Waterloo native just became the first Iowan to accomplish this sports feat and it's pretty dang cool.

Hockey might not be as popular in the state of Iowa as it is in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota but the game is growing and many talented and skilled players are making waves. This past March, the Hawkeyes Hockey Club at the University of Iowa, played in the championship game for the first time at the ACHA D2 nationals. The team traveled to Boston and enjoyed a historic season.

This won't be the only Iowa hockey history made in 2023. KWWL reports that this Waterloo native just became the first Iowan to be signed by the Iowa Heartlanders hockey team. The Heartlanders are a professional minor league hockey team based in Coralville.

This isn't the first time Hunter Lellig has made history in the sport of hockey either. According to KWWL, Hunter was the first Iowan to ever play for the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs.

The Duluth Bulldogs are a college hockey powerhouse and Lellig helped the Bulldogs win the NCAA college hockey championship in 2019. Lellig has been doing a lot of winning in his hockey career. He also helped lead the Waterloo Blackhawks to the regular season championship in 2017-2018.

Lellig believes the game is growing in the state of Iowa and specifically in the city of Waterloo. While speaking to KWWL he said

The game of hockey here is growing. I know in Waterloo over the years it's getting bigger and bigger. So, playing pro at a high level and college too it's cool for young players to see and hopefully, it gives them the motivation to maybe do it.

You will be able to catch Hunter Lellig on the ice for the Coralville-based Heartlanders team in the upcoming 2023-2024 season, which begins in October.

Way to go Hunter! Good luck with your upcoming season.

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