I hope you enjoyed your fathers day weekend! For any dad reading this, Happy Father's Day.

I spent my Father's Day golfing with my wife, and our two friends Erika and Spencer. We have been trying to find a day to play golf together for, what feels like, the last 2 years. Finally, the stars aligned and we were able to spend a few hours hitting some golf balls.

Spencer, who is from the eastern Iowa area brought us to a golf course I had never played before and I think it might be a hidden gem in the eastern Iowa area. I grew up in Minneapolis and haven't been able to visit every golf course I've wanted to since moving to Iowa, so it was a lot of fun to play on a course I'd never played before. To be fair...I hadn't even heard of the Jackson Heights Golf Course either but I'm excited to play it again!

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights is located in Jackson Junction, Iowa, and is a 'semi-public' 9-hole golf course, which is open to the public. According to Jackson Heights Golf, the course was established in 1993 and it is your typical par-72 course, that has a driving range and a full-service clubhouse, like most golf courses in Iowa. There's something I discovered about Jackson Heights that made this course pretty unique in my opinion, this course was designed by its members!

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It's not designed by a former pro golfer and it's not designed by any famous golf course architect. It is designed by the members who live, work, and play golf in the area! Members who know the layout of the land and know the area were part of this course design, and I think that's pretty cool. These members got to help design a course that would make them want to come back and keep playing.

Fun For Every Golfer

One of my favorite things about playing at Jackson Heights is that it's the perfect course for any golfer. It's not insanely challenging to where beginner golfers can't play or feel like they have a chance at hitting some good shots. Beginners or golfers who don't play very often can show up and can count on having fun.

For golfers who like a challenge or play a lot of golf, there are plenty of challenging holes with hills, water, and tight fairways for good to great golfers to test their game. Plus, you can play from the blue tees to make the course 6338 yards in total if you need to make the course longer. My wife isn't a big golfer but she'll play occasionally and I will play any chance I can, and we both enjoyed our day, even in the hot weather.

I had never been to or even heard of this golf course until our friends brought us here and I will 100% be going back. If you've been trying to find a new course to try, I loved spending a few hours with our friends at Jackson Heights and enjoying our Sunday.

You can check out Jackson Heights Golf for more information such as becoming a member, upcoming tournaments, upcoming events, and/or their supper menu.

Also, if you find a Bridgestone E6 golf ball somewhere by the railroad tracks on hole 2...you can keep it. I apparently didn't want to use that golf ball for the rest of the day after my horrendous tee shot!

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