Name a more perfect creation than a fried piece of dough with frosting or jelly in the center...

Friday, June 3rd is National Donut Day and to celebrate a compilation of some of the best donut spots in the country is out and one of them is pretty close to home!

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In a list of the 25 Best Donut Shops in the Country from Feast & Field a good chunk of the sweet shops that got a shout out this year are in the Midwest. Released in April, one of the shops on this list is right here in the Cedar Valley!

Feast & Field asked readers to submit their favorite donut places throughout the country, and the iconic Icon Donuts ended up making the cut!

Icon Donuts & Sweetery's original location is in Waterloo at 1730 W Ridgeway Ave #600. The business was first established in 2018, but at the end of 2021 the sweet shop expanded.

There is now a second Icon Donuts location in Cedar Falls. This one is located at 4505 Algonquin Dr Suite A.

My absolute favorite Icon Donut is Ziggy Stardust! Delicious!

You can check out the full list of donut shops that were recognized down below.

Courtesy of Icon Donuts via Facebook
Courtesy of Icon Donuts via Facebook

Sublime Doughnuts, Georgia

Strange Donuts, Missouri

Hole Doughnuts, North Carolina

Sidecar Doughnuts, California

Death by Donutz, Oregon

Blooming Buns Bakehouse, Nevada 

The Donut House, Colorado

Five Daughters Bakery, Tennessee 

Sandy’s Donuts, North Dakota 

Icon Donuts, Iowa

Glazed Donuts, Florida

Cops & Doughnuts, Michigan

Paula’s Donuts, New York

Nightlight Donuts, Texas

Federal Donuts, Pennsylvania

Sugar Shack Donuts, Virginia

Greenbush Bakery, Wisconsin

Parlor Doughnuts, Indiana

Veera Donuts, Montana

Drip N Scoop, New Jersey

LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee, Nebraska & more

Hurts Donut Company, Arizona

Cowboy Donuts, Wyoming

Hi Five Doughnuts, Kentucky 

Revival City Doughnuts, Illinois

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