On August 27th, the Cedar Falls Community Theatre hosted a film festival, which celebrated Iowa filmmakers. There have been some incredible films that took place in the great state of Iowa. Most Iowans will recognize many of the movies that take place in our state. I'm wondering if you recognize some of the television shows that take place in Iowa...because I only recognize 2 of them.

How many of these shows from Wikipedia Television do you recognize?

American Pickers 

American Pickers is a reality TV series that appeared on the History Channel. The show followed pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Wolfe's business, Antique Archaeology is based in LeClaire, Iowa.

Apple's Way 

Apple's Way was released in 1974 and was about George Apple, his wife Barbara, and their children. The family moves from Los Angeles to George's hometown of Appleton, Iowa.

Critters: A New Binge

Critters is a comedy horror series reboot, that continues the story of these aliens from the 1980s film franchise. The show features all-new characters and takes place in Livingston, Iowa.

Damnation TV Series

Damnation is currently on the Netflix streaming platform. This show is about the Farmer's Holiday Association campaign for a farm strike in the early 1930s. The Iowa location in the series is based on Plymouth County Iowa and the strike relates to the events in the county seat of Le Mars, Iowa.

Double Trouble 

Double Trouble aired from 1984 to 1985 and was initially set in Des Moines, Iowa. The show starred the two identical twins Jean and Liz Sagal as they portrayed Kate and Allison Foster. The show revolved around their lives with their widowed father.

Drexell's Class

Drexell's Class aired in 1991-1992 and was a story about a 5th-grade teacher at Grandwood Elementary School, located in Cedar Bluffs, Iowa.

Invasion Iowa 

Invasion Iowa was actually a prank show featuring William Shatner. He plays a hoax in the small town of Riverside, Iowa. Shatner made the residents of Riverside believe they were filming a science fiction movie and it turns out the movie was completely fake.


Julie was a sitcom that starred Julie Andrews. She stars as a TV personality who marries a vet as they relocate to Sioux City, Iowa. The show aired on ABC and was a very short-lived production. The show lasted from May 30 to July 4, 1992. In this clip, Julie Andrews speaks on why the show never really caught on.


Mindhunter along with American Pickers are the two shows I can recognize from the Wikipedia Television list. This show was incredibly popular on Netflix and then it just ended on a cliffhanger after season 2.

Mindhunter is a psychological crime thriller about two FBI agents who work in the Behavioral Science Unit. Together, they begin a research project to interview imprisoned serial killers. The show's first episode features the town of Fairfield, Iowa, as the FBI agents assist the local police in the case of Ada Jeffries.


Nancy was a sitcom that aired from 1970-1971, starring Renne Jarrett. Nancy is the daughter of the president of the United States who is vacationing in Center City, Iowa, where she begins a romance with a vet named Adam Hudson.

NOS4A2 (I'm not even sure how to pronounce this...)

NOS4A2 is based on the 3rd novel by Joe Hill. This is a horror story about a woman trying to save her son from a supernatural killer. Vic McQueen discovers she can find lost items by riding her bike through a particular bridge near her home. She meets a librarian in Iowa who can use Scrabble tiles to learn about future events.


Runaway was a drama series that aired on the CW from 2005-2006. This story is about the Hollands family who moved to Bridgewater, Iowa, after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. There is more to this average-looking family than meets the eye. They are actually Raders who are evading the law.

Twelve Forever

Twelve Forever is an animated series that is currently on Netflix. This story is about a 12-year-old girl named Reggie who wants to remain 12 years old forever. Her desire to do so is so powerful that she can enter into another world where she never has to grow up. Bethune, Iowa, is a made-up town where this story takes place.

Two Marriages aired on ABC from 1983-1984 and features two married couples who have very different relationships. The Armstrongs and the Daleys live next door to each other in Des Moines, Iowa, and develop a close friendship.

How Many Do You Recognize?

Let us know in the comments how many of these you recognize. I only recognize two of these shows but I was also born in 1990...Many of these aired before I was alive.

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