Call me crazy but I don't think a bolt is supposed to be in your tire. I'm not a car guy but I'm pretty sure that's not ideal.


This morning when I jumped in my car to head to work, I had a sensor light turn on, letting me know I had low tire pressure. That has only happened to me if it gets really cold overnight and a tire gets low or if something has punctured the tire.


I pulled into Casey's gas station early this morning to put air in my front right tire while it was pouring rain, which honestly just enhanced the experience of this whole ordeal.

It was pretty easy to tell which tire was low, and as I leaned down to fill it up, I could hear a leak in the tire.


I haven't had any car issues since moving here 2 months ago and wasn't really sure where to go. What does one normally do in this situation? Jump on google.

I want to give a big shoutout to workers at Firestone Complete Auto Care. They took my appointment really early this morning and got me all patched up.

I was in for my appointment around 10:30 and was out of there by 11:15. The other good news is, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. It was only 32 dollars for the repair.

I don't even really drink coffee but the fact that they had some waiting in the lobby was a nice touch.


We can put people on the moon, land rovers on Mars, we even have cars that can drive from land, and roll straight into the water without missing a beat.

There are even real-life Iron Man jet suits being built.

Yet, nails and bolts (in this case) can still puncture our tires.

I'm just hoping at some point in the near future, we have tires on everyday cars, that can't be punctured by nails or bolts. Wishful thinking, I know.

A bolt... really? A nail is pretty common and even understandable in some situations but how on earth does a bolt get stuck in a tire?

I might have to go out and buy a lottery ticket.

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