Today's a day where people feel a lot of passion. Not toward their significant other, but rather toward the holiday itself. According to a new survey from National Today, 13% of people LOVE Valentine's Day, and say it's the best holiday of the entire year. (WHAT?!) But, 5% of people feel the exact opposite, and say it's the most depressing.

Here are a few more results from the survey:

  • 9% of people are buying THEMSELVES candy or flowers today.
  • 8% proposed to someone or have been proposed to on Valentine's Day, or they're expecting it to happen today.
  • While 3% are going on a Tinder (or other app inspired) date tonight.
  • Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day. That's down from 55% last year and way down from the record high of 63% in 2007.
  • But spending will be at an all-time high and people will spend an average of $162, up from $143 last year.

So what are your thoughts on the holiday? How much will you spend? If you're like me, you'll RUSH to get that half price chocolate Friday morning... THAT should be a holiday!

(Additional info from NRF)


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