The Black Hawk County Conservation Board is planning for their inaugural "Hickory Hills Holiday Lights" event coming this December.

I think most campers can agree, the annual "Christmas in July" tradition a lot of fun, stringing Christmas lights together and celebrating the holiday six months early. But now, the "BHCC" Board is taking it to the next level. They are looking for businesses or organizations to be a part of the Holiday Light Show.

Join in this fun event, and celebrate the season along with promoting your business/organization at no charge. According to their Facebook page, they are looking for participants to set up a holiday light display in the campground at Hickory Hills Park Campground. For those interested, call Black Hawk County Conservation at 319-433-7275. There will be 40 sites available.

This weekend is the 24th & 25th of October, Saturday and Sunday will mark that Christmas is only two month away. I know one of my daughters and my niece have already started listening to Christmas music so this event will fun for Christmas fanatics one and all. I know my family and I will drive through and check it out, great idea Black Hawk County Conservation Board!

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