We all know that the most wonderful time of the year is during the holiday season. There is always so much joy, kindness and light in the world and it seems like we need a little of that during these dark times. Here's an idea to bring a little light and hope back to the world... put your Christmas lights back up!

This idea has gone viral on Twitter as Twitter users started sharing this idea  this past week. The idea is for everyone to put their Christmas lights back up on their houses and turn them on to offer a little joy and hope in dark times. I mean the old saying goes, "There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel," so why don't we provide that light to support each other and let everyone know there is an end in sight among this COVID-19 scare. Not only can they provide hope, but they can also be practical giving those in quarantine something to do...

So why not spread some #coronakindness and provide hope toward those who don't see any in sight and put your lights back up! Plus, you can then just keep them up till Christmas, less work.


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