Every year there are millions of Americans who hop in their cars and hit the road looking for their next great adventure. Whether they're traveling to visit family, driving across the country to visit one of the thousands of state parks in America, or just feeling like taking a road trip to experience the sights and sounds of various locations, I feel like everyone should experience one great road trip in their life.

Flying surely has its advantages but I'm a firm believer that taking one giant road trip across the country is something everyone should do at least once in their life. You can see amazing small towns and experience things when traveling by car that you would never know existed if you always travel by plane.

Did you know you could take a road trip across the entire country and stay on the same highway the entire time? This highway spans from Boston all the way to the northern part of Oregon. I'd be willing to bet most Iowans have driven on the longest highway in America as it travels across the entire state and it's located in Iowa's northern half. 

Unsplash - Taneli Lahtinen
Unsplash - Taneli Lahtinen

The Longest Road in America

According to Tree Hugger, U.S. Route 20 covers 3,365 miles and runs parallel to I90. I90 runs from Boston to Seattle, which covers 3,100 miles. Route 20 became an official highway in 1926 and was terminated at Yellowstone National Park. In 1940, it was extended west and reached its official record length in 1960. While Route 20 doesn't technically run through Yellowstone, it does stop at the park's eastern entrance and resumes at the park's western entrance.

You might take Route 20 every single day of your life or maybe you've only ever traveled on this highway once but did you know it's the longest highway in America? If you wanted to travel across the northern part of Iowa, you could drive across the entire state and not ever worry about looking at a map. I'd be willing to bet more Iowans have been on Route 20 at some point in their life than Iowans who haven't.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

Highway 20 will take you from Dubuque all the way to Sioux City. To travel across the entire northern half of Iowa on Highway 20, will take you about 4 hours and 45 minutes unless you've got a lead foot.

If driving on America's longest highway was something you always wanted to check off your bucket list, there's a solid chance you've already done it! Have you ever traveled across the entire state on this highway before? What was the trip like?

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