Between the Christmas season and now Valentine's Day, I'm completely BROKE. As a joke... But hey, we're a generous people, right? All these gift buying holidays. Now that VDay is done, how about we manufacture a holiday that celebrates everyone's REAL favorite person... themselves!

Here's something that almost feels too on-the-nose as a sign of the times. A new survey from ATKearney found Americans would certainly be ok with one more of these so called 'commercial holidays' that is centered all around shopping.

But we'd only be cool with it if it was a holiday where we were supposed to buy stuff for OURSELVES. Like a National Treat Yo Self Day (Parks And Rec fans unite!)

  • 21% of people say January would be the best time for that holiday while
  • 12% say December, since I guess that's when we're buying stuff anyway and there are the best sales... though I'd argue we're already spending enough in December.
  • 1% say August, where there aren't any other holidays.

I guess you could argue if you have Amazon Prime, you likely already celebrate this non-existent 'holiday' more often than you should.

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