Okay time to confess... How many of you have ever faked being sick to get out of work? No need to answer, I want you to keep your job but I do have the answer for the average amount of Iowans to call in "sick" to work.

The company Zippia recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 American workers to find out how many people fake being sick to get out of work and the most common reasons for taking "sick" days. On average, the survey found that 52% of workers fake sickness to get out of work. Out of this, they broke it down by state and found that an average of 47% of Iowan workers have faked being sick to get out of work.

I don't want to sound naive and say that I am surprised by this because I am not, as there are many reasons for people to take sick days besides being actually sick. The survey also found the most common reasons people fake sick days are for job interviews (yikes), mental health days, appointments, car issues or just plain not wanting to go to work. Other surprising finds determined that Monday's are the most common day to call in sick (I mean who really likes working on a Monday?), 1 in 3 workers have used a sick day following a holiday and 25% of people send a text to "call" in sick.

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