Can you check off all 25?

This November will mark seven years since I moved from Michigan to the state of Iowa. I've learned a lot these past few years, and there are times where I consider myself a true Iowan, but I definitely have more to experience.

With the help of Facebook, MANY internet lists, and the input of my born and raised Iowan coworkers, we have put together what we are calling the Ultimate Eastern Iowa Bucket List. I've only completed 19 out of the 25... what about you? Check out the list and let us know your score in the comments!

  1. Attempted to eat (or successfully ate) a giant tenderloin
  2. Visited the Field of Dreams
  3. Bought sweet corn from a parking lot
  4. Hiked the Maquoketa Caves
  5. Ordered pizza from a gas station
  6. Watched a concert at a county fair
  7. Stopped by the Amana Colonies for a festival
  8. Rode the train at Adventureland
  9. Stood out on the porch during a storm instead of taking shelter
  10. Checked out the Surf Ballroom/Buddy Holly crash site in Clear Lake
  11. Traveled out of state to watch a professional sporting event
  12. Sweat your butt off at a farmers' market
  13. Gotten a whiff of Crunch Berries in Downtown Cedar Rapids
  14. Pointed out some type of farm animal while driving through the country
  15. Taken a photo of the Butter Cow at the Iowa State Fair
  16. Tailgated before an Iowa or Iowa State game
  17. Rode RAGBRAI or at least spotted RAGBRAI riders as they pass through town
  18. Enjoyed a scoop of Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  19. Made a bathroom stop at the World's Largest Truck Stop in Walcott
  20. Recreated the American Gothic painting
  21. Gotten stuck behind a farming vehicle on a two-lane road
  22. Had to run your heat and AC in the same week... or even day!
  23. Driven 8 hours or more for a vacation because it was way cheaper than flying
  24. Sampled beer or wine from one of Iowa's many wineries/breweries
  25. Explained to someone that Iowa IS NOT the potato state

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