Halloween is tomorrow and if for some reason you do not have a costume at this point (you are totally running out of time) then here are the top 10 popular movie costumes of 2019. Honestly, copying a character from a movie is much easier to do a last minute costume of if you want to be on trend (although it may be a crappy costume but at least it is a costume).

The movie site Fandango conducted a poll to find the top 10 movie-inspired costumes and the top results coming from Marvel movies and the Joker really aren't that surprising.

The top 10 female characters that people are supposedly dressing up as are...

1.  Captain Marvel

2.  Rey

3.  Maleficent

4.  Black Widow

5.  Princess Jasmine

6.  Okoye

7.  Nebula

8.  Red

9.   Dora

10.  May Queen

Not a female? That's okay, here are the top 10 male characters as well...

1.  Joker

2.  Spider-Man

3.  Captain America

4.  Pennywise

5.  Thor

6.  Iron Man

7.  Hulk

8.  Thanos

9.  Black Panther

10.  Mister Rogers

Apparently there are also these things called group costumes and if you want those popular ones, check it out here.


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