Everyone's parents embarrass them in one way or another while they are growing up. Actually I am figuring it out that for some people it continues on when they become adults. Well I am about to share what my Dad TRIED to do to embarrass me.

Here is the reason I say "tried"... if you knew my Dad you would know what a goofball he is and does very odd things. Like all the time and tries to be cool. The problem? I am so used to this since I was born that I am basically numb to all of this and don't get embarrassed anymore... but it is still fun to poke fun at him!

So, I believe my Dad wins the award this year for most embarrassing Halloween costume.... Here it is folks, my Dad in all his glory...

via Tiffany Kay
via Tiffany Kay

Do you understand now what I mean? And folks, he has been wearing this since I was a baby... at least he is in the Halloween spirit, right? Although, it could have been much worse which is why I am glad that this costume is the winner.

So now it's time to see all the other embarrassing costumes out there! Show me the most embarrassing costume either you, your parents, siblings or significant others have worn and let's see who can top my dad... good luck!

P.S. my Dad is so used to me making fun of him so there are no hard feelings here for those of you who are wondering. I am sure retaliation is on the way for this. Love you Dad!

Ghostbusters Sneakers


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