We know what northeast Iowa looks like from the ground because we live here. But, have you ever wondered what we look like from space? Wonder no more as I have found a handful of pics as taken by astronauts.

In case you didn't know, NASA does a swell job of keeping track of pictures taken by astronauts. Part of the regular routine during these missions is to capture pictures of Earth and that includes our part in northeast Iowa.

Here are 8 that feature our part of Iowa quite prominently through the eyes of an astronaut.

8 Pics of Northeast Iowa from the International Space Station

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It's worth noting that you can request that astronauts take pictures of something specific if you're an educator or researching a project. NASA has a nifty Expedition Earth & Beyond program for schools that is worth exploring if this subject fascinates you and you're a teacher or student.

If I could choose any one event or time, I'd like to see pics of our part of Iowa during some of the major flood events we've had. As of now, I haven't located anything but there are quite a few documenting winter storms.

Check out the official NASA/JPL website for more info about this picture taking hobby of our astronauts.

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