Merlot? Mer-no? Whatever vino you prefer, today is your day if you like win. Move over Christmas and Valentine's Day. Today is National Drink Wine Day.  Finally, a holiday I can get behind. Here are some quick stats from a recent survey done by National Today on our wine-drinking habits:

  • Our five favorite types of wine are merlot, zinfandel, chardonnay, Riesling, and pinot noir. And overall, Americans prefer red wine to white.
  • When you drink wine, how MUCH do you drink? 74% of people said one or two glasses, 13% said three, 3% said four, another 3% said five and 6% said they usually just down the whole BOTTLE. Which is about six glasses. Troopers...
  • Have you ever finished off an entire bottle yourself? 37% of people said they have. (LIES!!)
  • Only 9% of people in the survey said wine gives them the worst hangovers. We're assuming hard liquor is probably the top answer there.
  • 42% of Americans think a $10 bottle of wine qualifies as a 'nice' bottle. And 24% think you're really splurging if you spend over $15.
  • Does wine ever make you emotional? According to the survey, 3% of us cry EVERY time we drink wine.

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