It’s National Wine Day!
May 25 is recognized as NATIONAL WINE DAY – but it’s not alone. It’s just one of 17 National Wine Days in a calendar year. If you think that’s too many, stop your WINE-ing. There’s also: National Drink Wine Day on February 18, Nat…
Need A Job? Winery Will Pay You $100K To Live In Wine Country
Some of the perks of the job include living in a house on the Sonoma property rent free for one year, $10,000 dollars a month, and THIRTY cases of wine. Some of the other responsibilities that come with the job include hospitality, establishing contacts with some of the other employees, buyers, and …
10 Country Music Stars With Their Own Alcohol Brands
There is one thing that most country songs have in common...alcohol. Whether it be one margarita or two margaritas; country artists usually love their spirits. If you need any proof check out almost every single country song.
Thomas Rhett recently released HIS own brand of tequila called Do…
Cedar Valley Restaurants I’ve Visited
Here are the restaurants I've visited so far. I have only been here for a few days, but I'm already loving some of the restaurants around here. As you can tell these restaurants are in the downtown part of the Cedar Valley, so I'm eager to expand my taste buds to all the Cedar Valley!

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