Finally, a fake holiday we can ALL get behind: National Cat Day! And, sorry people with allergies...

To celebrate the 'holiday', here's some fun facts on just how much Iowans, and Americans in general, love our cats:

  • 84% of cat owners treat their cats like part of the family.
  • 66% say that in general, they'd rather spend time with their cat than their friends.
  • Over 75% say talking to their cat is like a form of therapy.
  • The top qualities we love about our cats are their loyalty, playfulness, and how mild mannered they are.
  • 51% of cat owners rescued at least one of their cats. The top places we get rescues from are animal shelters, friends and cat-rescue organizations.
  • The top cat-themed items we own are clothes, framed photos of our cat, cat calendars, cat cell phone cases, and sheets or blankets with cats on them.
  • 65% of cat owners have travelled with their cat. Moving and driving them to your new home must have counted. Because who VACATIONS with their cat?

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