Google Just Added More Augmented Reality Animals
Looking for a time waster today while you count down the days 'til the Holidays? You can hang out with a giraffe, a zebra, or maybe a penguin courtesy of Google. They just added 50 new animals using augmented reality tech on your phone. Jus...
Puking Kitty Gravy Boat
Looking for the PURRfect gift for that special someone? How about a 'Puking Kitty Gravy Boat?'
The gravy boat comes in two different colors: blue and black. The white version will be available in mid-November.
The porcelain boats are microwavable...
Man Gets Knocked Out By a Cat (VIDEO)
There's so many strange things are going on in this video. You'll have to watch it numerous times just to enable your brain to take it all in.
A cat falls from who-knows-where, lands on a man's head, which immediately knocks him unconscious...

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