No, No, No, NO!!! This is not how they should be eaten!

Okay, I don't know how you eat your McNuggets, but most of us do not peel off the breading of each individual nugget to eat the inside and then still eat the breading by itself! However, apparently one guy in Louisiana does and it is making us all lose our minds!

Sameer Jafri recently posted a photo on Facebook last week showing how eats his McNuggets and it's just not right.

As you can see he takes ALL the breading off of each nugget and then proceeds to eat the skinless nugget. However, he is not done as he then eats the breading by itself as well. This photo has gone viral with the tag "Do y'all peel your nuggets?"

This has the internet in a uproar and I have a few words for this.... WHAT?! One: What is the point of ordering the McNuggets just to take the breading off? Order grilled chicken if you don't want the breading (except you are missing out on the best part). Two: Who honestly has enough time you de-bread each nugget? By the time you get to eating them, they will be cold! Three: Who taught you your eating habits? Because they were obviously wrong and you need some help sir.

What do you think? Do you peel off the breading before eating the nugget?

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