An Iowa Netflix champ is going to be making an appearance at the Iowa State Fair this year for a delicious competition.

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Earlier this year, a baking competition show premiered on Netflix that quickly become a  hit. 'Is it Cake?' is based on the 2020 trend where bakers would make hyper-realistic cakes.

An eccentric Des Moines baker was one of the show's competitors. Andrew Fuller, the Iowa sweet chef proved himself to be a very worthy artist.

*the rest of this story will contain detailed spoilers of his time on the Netflix competition show*

Fuller proved to be a star right out of the gate, but it wasn’t until episode three that we got to see the cake artist in action.

He won back-to-back-to-back episodes with his incredibly realistic creations. Fuller crafted a conch shell, challah bread, and red solo cups which both fooled and impressed the judges.

These creations cemented his spot in the finale where he again came out on top with a realistic suitcase and won $80,000.

“I’m always the weirdo and the oddball who people don’t take seriously,” the baker said through tears. “And I’m just not used to being the one that people consider the best.”

This "oddball" will be making his way to the Iowa State Fair this summer. The owner of Sugar Freakshow in Des Moines will be co-hosting a cooking competition with the CEO of Food Bank of Iowa, Michelle Book.

According to KCCI, the duo will be co-hosting the Food Bank's second annual casserole competition on August 21st.

Officially called, Food Bank of Iowa Chopped – Hot Dish Edition, the fun contest will have contestants making dishes with "ingredients easily obtainable by food pantry guests."

Contestants will have an hour to make a casserole that costs $4 or less per serving and includes at minimum one ingredient from all of these categories:

  • Starch
  • Sauce
  • Protein
  • Vegetable
  • Topping
  • Seasoning.

The judges for this competition are KCCI-TV anchor Eric Hanson, Marji Guyler-Alaniz, and Brad Liggett. They are currently on the hunt for one more celebrity judge.

I guess this is me putting my hat in the ring. 

The top 3 winners will receive prizes.

1st place winner prize ~ $1,000

2nd place winner prize ~ $500

3rd place winner prize ~ $250

You can find details about how to enter on the Iowa State Fair website.


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