After the devastating Davenport apartment building collapse, a former tenant is sharing her story about how there were allegedly signs literally written on the wall that the building was unstable.

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On Sunday, May 28th a six-story apartment building in Davenport partially collapsed just before 5 PM, according to reports. The residence located at 324 Main Street contains 84 apartment and commercial units, officials say. 

Reports claim that twelve people escaped on their own and nine were rescued by authorities. The final rescue came after officials claimed that they shifted from rescue to a recovery mission.

Initially, authorities were set to demolish the building Tuesday morning, but after the discovery of the ninth survivor, the plans are being pushed back. Canines were sent to search for survivors in the rubble, but no one has been found yet.

This building is in such bad condition, that none of the residents will be able to go back inside to retrieve any of their belongings.

A young woman who lived in the partially collapsed building is sharing videos on Tik Tok describing her experience living there.

Aurea Monet moved out of the building eight days before the incident took place. She lived in the apartment building for seven months but broke her lease "due to it being unsafe." The unit she resided in ended up being one of the apartments to collapse.


@itzz.ariii333 Can landlord special ur way out of this one. fun fact is i was having repeat nightmares of it collapsing. I also reported it to my property manager bc there was a crack through our kitchen wall and i broke my lease due to it being unsafe. #buildingcollapse #foryou #fyp #apartment #crazy #movingout #greenscreen @Aurea &lt3 ♬ Goofy Ahh Beat - Obma

  She claims that it wasn't too bad at first. The bathtub in the unit started clogging up and not draining, and she reported it. However, it took a week for building maintenance to assist with the situation. They drilled a hole into the piping "to drain it into the unit below us," she said in an interview with NBC news.

The next thing she noticed was that the back wall of the building was bowing. She claims that the building officials took a month before they decided to try to fix that.

Following that, there was construction going on below her unit that caused severe damage to appear in her kitchen.

She claims that it only took several days for a crack to develop along her kitchen wall.    

@itzz.ariii333 Replying to @Aurea &lt3 ♬ original sound - Aurea &lt3

This is still a developing story. We will keep you updated as more details come out about this incident.

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