Iowa Lottery officials announced this week that former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has claimed a $150,000 Powerball prize Monday at Iowa Lottery headquarters in Clive.

Occasionally when the Powerball gets above $250 million, I think, ‘What the heck?’ You know, you can dream, like everybody else,
and I also know that the chances of me winning anything are next to none and so the money is going to go to education or veterans or the state fund for natural resources or infrastructure, or all the good things that the lottery does. So, I figure it’s a good contribution.
Vilsack actually won January 2nd, but said he forgot to check his ticket and that is why he didn't claim his prize right away. Vilsack stated his church would receive a nice donation as would his children. He also said he'd pay off his mortgage.
The rest is going to go to my banker. And he’s going to be very pleased to get it. Because we still have an outstanding mortgage from many years ago and this will help pay it down to the point where retirement can be a little bit more comfortable than it might have otherwise been.

(Via KCCI)

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