People who believe the Earth is flat had this to say when asked why we don't fall of an edge.

A convention was held for a group of more than 200 Flat-Earth-Enthusiasts in the UK this past weekend. The goal of their convention was to "engage freely in deep and meaningful discussions," according to the Flat Earth Convention UK.

The speakers at this conference were giving their scientific reasons for the Earth being flat. One speaker, Darrin Nesbit, give his reason for why humans/ships/planes don't go off the edge of the Earth. He said that it's called the "Pac-Man Effect." Apparently, this is where a person will go so far to the west, that they "teleport" to the other side of the world just like 'Pac-Man' would in the classic arcade game. THIS IS WHAT HE ACTUALLY BELIEVES! How preposterous.

I agree that if you were to pass Hawaii and continue going west, you'd eventually run into Taiwan but it's a teleport effect, it's just going around the curvature of the Earth.

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