Filmore's debut album drops Friday (Sept. 25), and he's celebrating with the release of a lyric video for his latest single, "Nothing's Better." The clip is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play above to watch.

To a beatbox-esque beat, a twangy guitar and a snap track, the song's lyrics celebrate the freedom that comes with the end of a relationship that was all wrong. "Nothing's better than us not together / 'Cause the best kind of me is me without you," Filmore sings.

"We were fallin' for love / And, yeah, we thought it was something / Turns out something was nothing," ends the chorus. "And nothing's better."

"Nothing's Better" is one of 18 songs on State I'm In, Filmore's first full-length release. The singer explains that the project is "a look into my life over the last few years. It's the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road. and living in Nashville."

"I wrote every song from a real and personal place with amazing writers and friends. My hope is that you can listen to this album from start to finish and know who Filmore is by the end," adds the Wildwood, Mo., native. "Knowing that these songs relate to others, to help them get through a breakup or celebrate love, or just let them enjoy a night out with friends, is why I made this album. State I'm In can be a state of mind or a specific location that helps you remember a moment in your life. For me, every one of these songs represents a moment in time that made me who I am today."

Filmore has been performing in public since joining his school's choir in fifth grade. In college at the University of Missouri, he worked toward a degree in business and vocal performance, landed roles in university productions and played with his band on the weekends. Post-graduation, Filmore moved to Nashville in 2011.

“I grew up listening to all types of music -- my parents' music and the radio stations in my hometown. From high school to college and even after moving to Nashville, my musical influences continue to grow,” Filmore reflects. “The motto I try to follow when writing and recording is 'anything but typical.' I’ve been in Nashville almost nine years, and in the last couple, it feels like I’ve hit a groove creatively.”

Ahead of his debut album, Filmore also released "Slower" and "Love That About You." He released an EP, Proof, in 2016, and was signed to Curb Records in 2019; he worked with Zach Abend on this new record.

Filmore, State I'm In Tracklist:

1. "New to This" (Tyler Filmore / Adam James / Ian Keaggy)
2. "Slower" (Tyler Filmore / Steven Jones / Justin Ebach)
3. "Country Song" (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / John-Luke Carter)
4. "W.I.L.D." (Tyler Filmore / Michael Whitworth)
5. "State I’m In" (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
6. "Heart’s Having a Hard Time" (Tyler Filmore / Hannah Ellis / Jason Massey)
7. "Blue Skies" (Tyler Filmore / Cary Barlowe / Jesse Frasure)
8. "Nothing’s Better" (Tyler Filmore / John Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
9. "Busy" (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach)
10. "Love That About You" (Tyler Filmore / Benji Davis / John-Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
11. "My Place" (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Justin Ebach)
12. "Other Girl" (Tyler Filmore / busbee / John Luke Carter / Josh Kear)
13. "Pictures on the Fridge" (Tyler Filmore / Jordan Schmidt / Bob DiPiero)
14. "Me Lately" (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jimmy Robbins)
15. "Day Hour Minute" (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / Josh Miller / Zach Abend)
16. "London" (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
17. "Livin Easy" (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jason Massey)
18. "Anyone But Me" (Tyler Filmore / Jason Massey / Hannah Ellis)

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