Iowans are starting to slowly receive notification over whether or not they'll be able to go to the Field of Dreams game in Dyersville. While most people were rejected and will have to watch the game from home, a few people are getting ready to head out to the iconic sight for a night of Major League Baseball.

But with the last minute notification, it's left many wondering where they'll be able to stay during the festivities.

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In less than a week hundreds of people are predicted to be going to Dyersville for the highly anticipated Field of Dreams game. For many Iowans, they are waking up to the harsh reality of either being denied tickets for this game or actually paying a steep price for seats at the game.

The ticket lottery for Iowans closed last week, and emails are rolling in. Many people got a firm "no!" but for the few people that can now purchase tickets to the game, once they've secured the tickets, their next question probably is...

Where the heck am I going to stay?

Film location for the movie "Field of Dreams"
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Your first thought is, "I can probably book a hotel nearby!" If you take a quick search around Google or any of your favorite travel websites you'll come back with a similar response to me.

KM/Google Images
KM/Google Images

For the hotels that are still available, the cost to spend a night or two in them have skyrocketed, according to some accounts.

So what is a person to do if they've got the tickets but no place to stay? Many Dyersville residents and neighboring Iowans are offering up their homes. The Dyersville Chamber of Commerce is offering up a list to interested parties of homes where people are kindly offering up some rooms to the travlers coming through town.

One of those people is Adam Huehnergarth of Dyersville. He's actually one of the ushers for the major league game and is offering up a few rooms in his own home to those making the trip.

Courtesy of Adam via Facebook
Courtesy of Adam via Facebook

In a Facebook group for people looking to get tickets or inquire about some of the logistics of the game, Adam made this sweet post.

"I have a house that has a few bedrooms free in town. Nothing fancy at all. Just a couple of kids rooms as they are going to college. If you are the kind that will drink beer on the front swing and don't care about maid service, I can help. If a tent camper, my back yard has hosted bicycle teams in the past."

He got almost eighty responses sp I reached out to him about why he would do this and he said, "I'm hoping more if my neighbors will do the same. The distance and money some will have to drive is ridiculous."

Guys like Adam are really taking Iowa nice to a whole new level.

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