15 pay per views from most entertaining to least.

WWE has 4 main pay per views (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series) but with 15 pay per views in 2018 and around the same number in 2019, here is a list of all of them and ranked.

1. Wrestlemania - It's just the best. The Super Bowl of WWE is Wrestlemania is the one where all story lines come to their climax.

2. Royal Rumble - This is my personal favorite. With 30 people entering the match, you just never know who could joining the melee. It's the greatest Number 1 Contenders Match of all time.

3. Summer Slam - It's kind of like Wrestlemania Jr. In the middle of the summer where rivalries end.

4. Survivor Series - The build up is even better than the actual event. Just figuring out who is going to be on what team is half the excitement.

5. Hell in a Cell - I think every match in this pay per view should be Hell in Cell match.

6. Money in the Bank - A guaranteed title shot is always compelling.

7. Extreme Rules - You are going to see a lot of different matches and all of them brutal during this pay per view.

8. Evolution - Ladies are crushing it in WWE and their roster is stacked.

9. Elimination Chamber - This is supposed to be one of WWE most intimidating structures and someone will break it every year.

10. Tables Ladders and Chairs - Can be brutal if done right.

11. Greatest Royal Rumble - Not as good as the original but at least it had 50 guys instead of 30.

12. Backlash - Kind of a throw away in the spring.

13. Fastlane - Having 2 pay per views between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania is kind of dumb.

14. Crown Jewel - Just a PR move for foreign investors.

15. Super Show Down - Same as before but it least it had the Undertaker in it.

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