Sometimes it seems like other people have all the luck. I can't remember ever finding a  winning lottery ticket, a scratch-off, or a pull tab, that was of a significant amount. One Eastern Iowa man had 2 winners after only buying 3 tickets.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

According to IA Lottery, about 3 weeks ago Tim claimed a total of $20,002 from the Lotto America drawing. On the 3 tickets that Tim purchased at the Big 10 Mart, in Dubuque, Iowa, one of the winning tickets was for $2 and the other was for a lot more. The other winning ticket for Tim was to the tune of $20,000. Pretty solid day of work if you ask me.

Now, is $20,000 the biggest winner we've ever seen with the Iowa lottery? No. But I love Tim's picture with the check. If you notice, Tim decided to keep the 2 dollar winner! Not that I expected him to give it back or anything like that. I just figured after winning $20,000 he'd just buy another $2 ticket and try his luck again, or buy a candy bar. Not Tim, he kept it, and I respect him for that.

According to IA Lottery, "Lotto America is a game that's played in 13 states and the name of the game is a throwback to the first multi-state lotto game that's known for big jackpots in the United States." 

Tim was also really close to winning an even bigger prize. He matched the winning numbers of 1-6-9-11-20 and just missed the Star Ball to claim the game's second prize level.

In one day and on one purchase, Tim has more winners than I've ever had in my life of buying lottery tickets. Tim recently claimed his winnings in Cedar Rapids, at the lottery's regional office. Congrats Tim and good win!

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