If you are an avid customer of Dunkin' Donuts and have a dog, you are going to love this....

Dunkin' Donuts has announced that they have teamed up with a company called BARK, which is company focused on dog needs and makes adorable dog toys, to make Dunkin' Dog toys! Coming to stores across the country in August the Dunkin' dog toys will resemble the hot coffee cup and even the Munchkins donut hole including the donuts and box. What's even better is that this is all for a good cause.

The dog toys will be available as gifts after you make a donation to the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation. This foundation helps to support children struggling with hunger and illness and even bring full time service dogs to hospital to play with the children. Basically if you donate $12 you can get the coffee cup dog toy and if you donate $15 you can get the multi Munchkins donut hole toy.

Look for these coming to the Cedar Valley this August. I mean how can you resist putting a smile on your dog's face and a child's face?


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