Is there a bad day to win a bunch of money from the Iowa Lottery? Absolutely not. Every day of the year is a good day to win some extra cash. However, I am wondering... if you had the choice to win the lottery on a different day than this Clear Lake man, would you?

Michael Burris was a big winner with the Iowa Lottery as he won a sum of $48,053, playing the lottery game Jumbo Bucks Progressive InstaPlay. That's a pretty good haul for Michael but what I find the most interesting about this story is the day Michael found out he was a big winner.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

When Michael shared his winning news with his co-workers on April 1st, everyone thought it was some kind of April Fools Day joke. As he collected his winnings this past Monday, (April-3) he told the Iowa Lottery

No one believed me because it was April Fools' Day. What a great day to win a lot of money, because no one's going to believe you. It was awesome, just awesome.

That's why I asked you the question, would you pick a different day, if you had the choice, to win a bunch of money? I probably would. I have a feeling every person I'd try to call and share the news with wouldn't believe me and for some reason, I know that would drive me nuts. Who knows, maybe that would be a good thing. I'd have fewer people to feel the need to share it with.

Michael purchased his winning ticket at Casey's, located at 14 E Congress St, located in Nora Springs. Michael stopped into the store looking to grab some breakfast pizza before work and decided he'd snag a lottery ticket while he was there. Looks like he made a pretty good decision that day.

When Michael got to work he ended up using a co-worker's phone to double-check his ticket to make sure it was actually a winner. As far as Michaels's plans for the winnings, he told the Iowa Lottery he and his wife want to "pay off their camper and put the rest towards retirement in the state of Florida."

The Jumbo Bucks Progressive Jackpot starts with winnings of $5,000 and increases every time a ticket is sold in the state of Iowa until there is a winner. InstaPlay games have a price range of $1-$30. The Iowa Lottery reports that InstaPlay games "combine features from instant-scratch and lotto games to give players an option with no numbers to pick, play slips to fill out or wait for a drawing."

These are kind of unique as they are scratchless and they do not have a security coating that needs to be removed to determine the winning prize.

Congrats to Michael and his family! I hope retirement treats you well.

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