The Cedar Rapids Police Department has officially created my favorite youth outreach program. If I'm being honest, I'm kind of jealous of the kids who participated in this program. Ahh, the days of being young...

The Cedar Rapids Police Department enjoyed the second year of their youth golf program to try and get kids interested in a game they can play their entire lives, to let them know about their jobs, and show them a little bit about their lives and who they are as people.

It can be hard to believe this but Police Officers are regular people and I mean that with 100% respect. It's kind of like when a student runs into their Teacher in public. Teachers are just regular people too and they have lives outside of school. Well, Police officers have lives outside of being a Police Officer. When you see a Police Officer or Teacher out in public it's almost like running into a superhero.

KCRG reports the program is 7 weeks long and every week the kids who participate come out to Twin Pines Golf Course.

Throughout the 7 week program, the kids get lessons from golf pros and get to play multiple rounds with the Police Officers. Hunter Parrish was one of the kids in the program and he told KCRG 

It’s a fun-filled environment. You get to golf with the Cedar Rapids police department. You get to have a good time, learn about things, and talk crap sometimes with the officers!

Not only do the kids in the program get to learn about the game of golf, hang out with Police Officers, and learn about their job, and their lives, but they also get a set of golf clubs along with it.

I am such a huge fan of this program and how amazing it is on multiple levels. I am a huge fan of golf and selfishly, I love watching younger kids get into golf and take an interest in the sport. Anything that will help grow the game is awesome for golf and I hope to see the game continue to grow in a positive way.

Also, getting the youth to meet with and talk to Police Officers, learn about their jobs and lives, and create a relationship will go a long way in impacting the relationship the Police have with the community. When you're younger, it's easy to associate the Police and being in trouble. In reality, most Police Officers are there to help and protect you. Yes, if you're breaking the law, you're going to end up in trouble but they want to see good in their communities and are trying to keep us safe.

I salute the CRPD for creating this program as I am incredibly jealous I can't participate but also for doing a fantastic job in getting out in the community and trying to make a relationship with the youth of Cedar Rapids. Maybe I'll catch you out on the course one day.


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