Have you ever heard of a trick or treat door? Probably not, as most of us never would have dreamed of having a door deliver candy on Halloween. Then again, none of us would have believed 2020 would have occurred the way it had and we would be wearing masks and trick or treating during a pandemic. So it looks like we have to get a little creative and that is just what Reese's has done.

Amid the unusualness of the year of 2020, Reese's has decided to try to bring a little bit of cheer to all during Halloween. We know they are basically the kings of Halloween candy being everyone's favorite and we also know we can't go without Reese's for Halloween so they are bringing their candy to us... literally!

Reese's will have a robotic door that can roam around to different doors in neighborhoods. This door will come with all of the bells and whistles including lights and smoke and you will hear it coming down the neighborhood. The door will come right up to your door and when you see it all you need to say is "Trick or Treat," then the door will release Reese's peanut butter cups through the mail slot!

Now you won't have to go without your favorite candy during this Halloween. Now, there is no word yet on where this Reese's door will be roaming but who knows, it could be Iowa! If this sounds interesting, just check out Reese's Instagram and tell them the door should come to the Cedar Valley.

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