You have to be careful when you tell the grill master that they're cooking the steak wrong. Not only is it rude but it could get you smacked in the face.

Those are fighting words here in Iowa.

Even if you're the best grillmaster in the state of Iowa, you might be surprised by some of these tips and tricks from the Food Network Kitchen. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't realize that you could slice your steak incorrectly.

Unsplash - Iman Zaker
Unsplash - Iman Zaker


Supposedly there are quite a few mistakes you can make when grilling/preparing a steak dinner. You might be familiar with some of these but are you aware of all of them? Here are 10 mistakes plenty of people make regularly when cooking steaks according to Food Network Kitchen.

10. The Wrong Cut of Meat - Not all steaks are meant to be cooked the same way. For example, chuck and round steaks are not meant to be grilled quickly. Skirt and flank steaks can go a long way if you marinate them first. Each cut can have its unique way of cooking.

9 - Too Lean - While you or your kids might not like the fat that comes on some steaks, it is a key factor in flavor and texture. If you'd like to cut it off after you're done cooking, go ahead but you should leave the fat on while cooking. When the steak is cooking, the fat melts which helps create flavor and keeps in moisture.

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8 - Cooking Cold Steak - You'll want to let your steak sit out anywhere from 30-45 minutes next time before you make it. This can help even out the entire temperature of the meat making for an even temperature throughout the steak when done cooking. If you happen to forget and are in a hurry, make sure to adjust how long you cook the meat. It might take a bit longer to be done all the way through.

7 - Not Patting Dry - I would be somewhat guilty of this...I only pat the steak dry because I know you're supposed to. I don't know the reason behind why. If you throw a steak on the grill or pan and the moisture from the fridge is still on the surface layer, this can cause steam. This steam can inhibit you from getting a brown and seared crust. Make sure you gently pat your steaks dry with a paper towel before cooking.

6 - More Seasoning - Let the salt fly! An unseasoned steak can taste flat and after spending a decent amount of money, why would you want a flat-tasting piece of meat? Whatever your choice of seasoning is, make sure you include salt, and let it rip. Salt can help with the outer brown crust, which helps with the texture. Make sure you season both sides and when you think you've added enough, you can probably use just a little bit more. If you're using pepper, add half as much pepper as the salt.

Unsplash - Alireza Nikzad
Unsplash - Alireza Nikzad

5 - Clean Your Grill - This should be pretty obvious but it still needs mentioning. Not cleaning your grill can cause food to stick and create a grease buildup. This grease or soot can create smoke that will make any food your grilling taste bad. Get a wire brush and clean your grills properly after using them. Not only will your food taste better but it can help your grill last longer, saving you money in the long run.

4 - Take the Temperature - Here's another one I'm 100% guilty of...After my normal 6-ish minutes on each side, I just kind of hope and pray it's all good. It's always best to get an instant-read thermometer, poke into the center of the meat, and make sure it is done correctly There's no guesswork and you always know when your steak is done.

3 - Let it Rest - Here's another trick that I do, but I have no idea why you're supposed to. Let your steak rest before you cut into it. Slicing into a newly cooked steak will allow the juices to pour right out. This can cause you to lose moisture and flavor. Let your steaks rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting into them.

2 - Slicing Incorrectly - If you're cutting your steak into slices, it's important to cut the steak correctly. Steak is made up of fibers and you want to cut "across the grain." Look at your steak and see which way the fibers are aligned, then cut across these which can help create long slices and easier chewing.

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Using a Steak Knife - You probably use steak knives if you're grilling regularly but there is a reason for it. Using something other than a steak knife can cause you to "saw and tear" the meat, instead of "gracefully slicing" it. Also, it's better to wash steak knives by hand as opposed to putting them in the dishwasher.

All of these tips and tricks were suggested by the Food Network Kitchen.

Follow these 10 tips and you're setting yourself up for success the next time you grill a meal for the family!

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