With Betty White's recent death, many people are revisiting old episodes of shows she was a part of. While many of us know her as our favorite Golden Girl, others will probably know her from her days on the show "Password."

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White was a frequent guest on the show. It was on this program that she met the love of her life, Allen Ludden. Ludden was the host of "Password" from 1961 to 1980 and ended up tying the knot with Betty White in 1963.

Ludden died in 1980, and nearly forty years later White passed away on New Year's Eve 2021. Now, to remember the actress and her late husband many are looking back at old episodes on the show that played such an important role in their relationship.

After doing a deep dive of the classic game show myself; I caught one contestant from right here in the Hawkeye State. While this episode might not have featured the beloved Betty icon, it did feature a woman from Clinton, Iowa.

This episode initially aired on July 8th, 1963 a few weeks after the television power couple tied the knot.

The two celebrity guests on the panel were Susan Strasberg and Bill Cullen. In their introductions, Strasberg is described as "the lovely young star of the theater, motion pictures, and television."

Cullen was a television star and host of multiple television panel shows like "Three On A Match." This tv star was the unlucky man partnered with one Clinton woman. I mean no disrespect to this woman or her family, but she kind of biffed it.


Lydia Halbach was partnered with the esteemed television star, and it didn't seem like a match made in heaven. At the time of the taping, the young Iowa woman was married and had a 14 month old daughter.

In her round of gameplay, Halbach was only able to get one word right! In an excruciatingly painful back and forth trying to guess the word bashful, she was able to gain a generous 2 points. However, her less than stellar Password performance had her lose out on the prize pretty quickly.

The final score was 25 to 2.

You can watch the Clinton woman in her short appearance on the popular game show down below.

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