These little nods to movies filmed in the Hawkeye State are so fun to catch!

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Who doesn't love a good tv binge session, right?

This is especially such a great treat when you are incredibly behind on some of your favorite shows over the past few months. I was catching up on one of my favorite comfort shows 'Bob's Burgers' over the weekend.

The FOX Network show is a cartoon comedy (aimed at older kids and adults) that follows the hilarious antics of the Belcher family and their burger restaurant. A few things that this show does INCREDIBLY well are the holiday episodes.

After 13 seasons, the show creators kind of have it down when it comes to these special episodes. This year's Halloween episode might have been one of my favorites yet.

Titled "Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)," the episode features the three kids Tina, Gene, and Louise dressed as characters from the 1996 movie 'Twister.'

I know...not the costumes you'd expect kids to wear on Halloween.

The episode description reads;

"Louise suspects there's something sinister afoot during a Halloween field trip to an apple orchard. Meanwhile, Tina and Gene hope to win the school costume parade."

The kids are doing a group costume with all of their looks inspired from the classic storm flick. Louise (the youngest) is dressed as Helen Hunt's character, "emphasis on the hunt" she explains.

The first look we get of the other two children is when they are cautiously walking into school because of how complex their costumes are. One character is curious about what exactly Gene and Tina are dressed up as and makes a pretty wild guess.

"I was gonna guess Hoopula, the scary hula hoop vampire and Hoopula's mysterious friend."

The oldest daughter explains that she is actually the twister from "Twister" and her brother is Bill Paxton's character caught up in the tornado.

Honestly, maybe next year I'll coordinate this look with a few friends!

Take a look at their costumes down below!


The show 'Bob's Burgers' is currently streaming on Hulu.

The majority of 'Twister' was shot in Oklahoma. Wakita, Oklahoma is one of the more popular filming locations, and the town still celebrates the movie every day at their Twister Museum. 

A large chuck of the final act was filmed in Iowa. The movie crew shot the scenes where Jo and Bill are running away from the terrifying tornado in Ames, Iowa. However, maybe the most iconic image from 'Twister' was shot in Eldora. And it involves a piece of Iowa real estate.

You can get a look of the iconic "Twister house" down below!

Twister House Is In Eldora, IA

The 90s was an exciting time for Iowans. Multiple movies were filmed right here in the Hawkeye State; Field of Dreams, the Bridges of Madison County, and Twister. The latter is celebrating it's 25th anniversary since it was released in theaters. The majority of the final scenes in the movie were actually filmed in Iowa. The most haunting shot of the movie was the shot of

Roseanne Barr Abandoned Iowa Mansion in Eldon, IA

I fell into a rabbit hole when I found out that Roseanne Barr almost had a mansion in Iowa. After seeing the current state of the property on Facebook, I was amazed that such an extravagant project could be so quickly overtaken by nature. Only two hours away from Waterloo, this abandoned field could have hosted some of the coolest and elite Hollywood parties in the Midwest. The current photos were taken by Gable Fry on a recent trip he took.

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