Have you ever wanted to see how the other half lived? Or maybe just what it's like to sleep where chickens do? Well, we might have found the perfect tiny Airbnb for you.

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Scrolling through Airbnb's for a place to stay in Iowa is always interesting, but this find sure does take the cake. In the town of Fayette, if you're looking for a place to get away from it all for the weekend...you might as well consider this chicken coop.

Lisa via Airbnb
Lisa via Airbnb

This chicken coop has recently been renovated to be a tiny home. It's located on 300 acres of farmland right by a winery which is owned by the same people who own this little house.

While this is a unique tiny home, it's not the only location on the premises. Not too far away there is another interesting Airbnb owned by the same people, but this one is a grain bin.

Yep, You Can Stay in an Actual Iowa Grain Bin!

This Airbnb is so totally Iowa! Stay in a real grain bin converted into a pretty luxurious, cozy rental.

This chicken coop has recently been converted into a 340 square foot tiny home. It has one bedroom and one bathroom; so while it's not perfect for a full extended family reunion, it just might be perfect for that quiet weekend getaway for you and your partner.

There is a large living space and a queen sized Murphy bed included on the premises. While it is tiny, it does have all the essentials such as a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

The estimated cost of a one night stay in the Airbnb is approximately $113.

Scroll down to get a full tour of the tiny home.

Chicken Coop Airbnb in Fayette

At this Airbnb you'll rise with the chickens...literally. Well, kind of. While there are no chickens in this tiny house, you can still have some fun in this cozy space in Fayette.

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