Masks: The most polarizing word in 2020. Who'd have thought that in November 2019? Or even February 2020... Many counties have mandates, some states do - like our neighbors Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota for example. It seems as though here in Iowa, they're just... that much more controversial. But so much so a business would actually ask you not to wear one?

KCRG reports a business in Fayette County is doing just that. 6 Corners Gas, which is the only gas station in the small town of Arlington, has a sign posted on the door that reads:

NO MASK REQUIRED. Please Remove Before Entering. Thank You.

Since Iowa has no mask mandate, technically the sign is not in violation of... anything. And, as a neighbor in the story says, it's a private business and they can post the sign without fear of repercussion. However, with cases surging state (and nation) wide, is it a good message to send? Fayette county has 527 cases as of the morning of Friday, November 6. Certainly that's not a lot compared to other more populous countries. Still is this a wise message? The Fayette County Department of Public Health doesn't think so. They reached out to the 6 Corners Gas to try and help the owners understand the severity of the pandemic, and the importance of wearing a mask. No word on how that conversation went. But according to the report from KCRG, the owners never responded to their attempt get a comment.

If you're not comfortable being indoors with people not wearing a face covering, you won't want to swing through Arlington for gas in the near future.

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