This is a developing story and we will be keeping you updated as more details are released.

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Officials were called to a parking lot on Sunday evening ahead of the storm that swept through parts of Eastern Iowa.

Severe thunderstorms rolled through parts of the listener area, according to our weather partner KCRG. On Sunday, May 7th, these storms brought with them large hail (some the size of golf balls), and severe wind.

There were even some strange clouds. You can read more about what these clouds are here.

Officials confirm that authorities were called to a Target parking lot in Cedar Rapids located at 3400 Edgewood Road Southwest for a medical emergency. At 4:30 PM, reports say that emergency crews answered a call regarding a woman being struck by lightning.

Witnesses at the scene claimed that she was conscious after being struck. We don't have too many details about the status of this woman, nor do we know her identity right now.

Lightning strikes an electrical substation in the city of Phoenix.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica there is a startling low chance of actually getting struck by lightning in your lifetime here in the United States. There is 1 in 15,300 chance that lightning will strike you.

Approximately 270 people a year are struck and only 10 percent of people actually die from this sort of incident, according to reports.

This is a developing story, and we will continue to keep you updated as more details are released about the incident.

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