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Here's a warning to all Cedar Falls businesses and employees that sell alcoholic beverages: be aware of the buyer.

Local public safety officials are asking all businesses and employees to be vigilant in the checking of ages when it comes to the sales of liquor.

In the near future, Cedar Falls police will send an underage person into each of the city's businesses to ensure employees are following the law in the sale of alcoholic beverages. This will include all convenience stores, restaurants, bars and specialty stores that have any type of liquor license, officials said.

Cedar Falls public safety officers are partnering with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division to conduct alcohol compliance checks. The goal of the program is to ensure liquor license establishments are complying with the age requirements of Iowa alcohol laws.

The criminal penalty for an employee selling alcohol to an underage person is a fine of $500, plus court costs. The penalty for the business is a fine of $1,500 and possible suspension of its liquor license.

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